S & C is dedicated to changing our country’s future one classroom at time. S&C is an Illinois State “No Child Left Behind” provider, as well as a leader in educational mentoring through our City of Chicago Mentor Protégé Program and our Distance Learning Software.

S & C’s end-to-end technology solutions have resulted in advancements for students, teachers and administrators in areas such as curriculum, collaboration, safety/security, and information access. We’ll help your organization find the right tools and services to significantly improve your operational efficiency and enhance instruction both inside and outside of the classroom.

Capabilities for Education include the following:

Unified Communications:

Remotely attending classes, sharing course documents and working on group projects can become an easy task. We understand the importance of teachers, students and administrators connecting and collaborating.

Mobility Solutions:

Our solutions provide users the option to have mobile access to learning materials anywhere they are and with any device. Bring Your Own Device initiatives benefit greatly from this feature.

Video Surveillance:

We prioritize the protection of classrooms and campuses from threats. We utilize our technology solutions to ensure a safe educational environment.

Cloud Services:

S & C offers easier access and sharing across locations without the high costs and labor associated with the purchase and maintenance of physical equipment.

Managed Services:

Our expert network operations team provides 24/7 monitoring and quickly detects, diagnoses and resolves any issues to optimize the educational performance.


  • Management with a commitment to render quality services
  • Experienced staff to meet the industry standards
  • Excellent infrastructure for uninterrupted service

Education has a continuing demand to be ready to deliver mobile and blended education on several devices. As this kind of mobility and choice grows, you have to make sure you’re delivering the most current content reliably and at the highest quality.

Keeping those systems up all the time, and ensuring that they’re going to be safe and secure is a full time challenge. Those costs plummet if you find a top-caliber organization to outsource your technology and services. S & C is here to make the merging of education and technology become seamless.

S&C and education

From reducing IT costs through virtualization, to taking responsibility for modernizing and managing the entire infrastructure, S & C has been working with educational institutions across the Midwest to create technological efficiency.

We offer:

Computing technologies:

We offer computing technologies for you staff, students as well as technology that supports collaboration between teachers and students.

Application technology:

Education is about the technology alphabets. LMS, CMS, VLE and so many others. Bringing them all together is critical to best learning outcomes.

Storage technology:

We strive to protect not just the students, but also the administrative data and massive multimedia files that facilitate distance and blended learning.

Network technology:

Our solutions have increasing capacity, flexibility and scalability to keep up with the growth in student downloads and collaboration.


S & C will collaborate with you to locate any IT weaknesses, implement new or improved point solutions for you and your students, or to start the move toward a transformation of your full IT infrastructure.

After an assessment, we’ll recommend the right mix of hardware and software, storage and network (hosted, cloud or on premise) to meet your staff, faculty and student demands. We avoid interrupting classes and offer a smooth transition from staging to production by conducting the installation, implementation and test phases when classes aren’t in session.

We take as much time and care to train your team on the systems we implement as you do when you teach your students.