S & C has excelled at providing quality technology and service to all sectors of the financial industry. Our solutions are designed to ensure that banks, insurers, stock exchanges, brokerage firms and similar institutions always have the right tools and information to deliver high quality customer service and investment returns at low cost and low risk.

Capabilities for the financial industry include the following:


Cyber security keeps essential IT systems and sensitive data safe from intrusion and our networked cameras and alarms allow for rapid response times when handling on-site incidents.

Unified Communications:

S & C allows bankers, traders, insurance agents and others in the financial sector to communicate and collaborate with ease with the combination of phone, video, online and mobile platforms into a single system.

Managed Services:

Our state-of-the-art network operations and customer service centers are available 24/7 to immediately address and resolve any issues that emerge to minimize their impact.

Regulatory Compliance Services:

SEC rules and regulations frequently change, that’s why S & C helps your financial institution develop and implement a strategy to remain compliant at all times.

Business Process Consulting Services:

We accelerate your growth and success by offering guidance on the best ways to align your IT infrastructure.


We’re aware of the challenges of complying with regulations, keeping the back office lean and efficient and keeping clients satisfied. Our full range of technologies assist you in these goals:

Computing technology:

S & C offers computing technology for your staff, your clients access needs and the backend for your transactions.

Application technology:

We offer mobile apps, client portals and everything in between.

Storage technology:

We know the importance of Big Data challenges in the industry. S & C strategizes on your behalf for the best solutions for storage, protection and avoiding incidents that cause major data loss.

Network technology:

Network, speed, reliability and security are very critical as the Cloud becomes a part of your infrastructure. We provide trusted technology solutions for your business needs.


No matter your needs, whether they be updating and upgrading the infrastructure or creating a disaster recovery process, we supply the resources to get the job done.

Assemble a Top-Notch Team – Our experts will learn about the type of firm you are, your transaction profiles, the usage patterns of your clients and partners, and the technology you use to service them.

Provide a Strategic Recommendation – After assessment, we’ll recommend and implement new services (but we’ll always strive to preserve your existing technology), appliances and systems to achieve your goals.

Implement & Test (and then test again) – The installation, implementation and test phase is structured to be as non-disruptive as possible. We will develop, test and stage your systems so that our work never interferes with your round-the-clock production systems.

Flexible Training & Support – S & C offers ongoing 24/7 support. We’ll also teach your team how to use the applications and systems we implement on site, remotely or at our offices.

Proactive Maintenance – We’ll track and maintain the entire system, proactively stopping issues before they occur, and responding to problems if they do.