S & C and the Public Sector

S & C has excelled at providing quality technology and service to all sectors of the financial industry. Our solutions are designed to ensure that banks, insurers, stock exchanges, brokerage firms and similar institutions always have the right tools and information to deliver high quality customer service and investment returns at low cost and low risk.


No matter your needs, whether they be updating and upgrading the infrastructure or creating a disaster recovery process, we supply the resources to get the job done.

Assemble a Top-Notch Team – Our experts will learn about your agency, the constituents you serve and the ways those people access your services.

Provide a Strategic Recommendation – After assessment we’ll recommend the new systems and services we think you need to serve your citizens and support your staff. We’ll always do our best to retain as much of your existing systems as possible.

Implement & Test (and then test again) – Our installation, implementation and testing is done on development and staging servers. We only switch the new systems over to production servers, once everything is in optimal condition.

Flexible Training & Support – S & C offers ongoing 24/7 support. We’ll also teach your team how to use the applications and systems we implement on site, remotely or at our offices.

Proactive Maintenance – S & C offers includes ongoing 24/7 support. We’ll teach your team how to use the applications and systems we implement, on site, remotely or at our offices.