Emerging technologies and equipment are creating innovative and efficient ways to manage systems, increase access to care and improve patient outcomes. S & C is committed to delivering the highest quality IT infrastructure solutions and services so your organization can grow efficiently.

Capabilities for the healthcare industry include the following:

Unified Contact Center:

Call routing and contact management allows patients and caregivers to easily connect with the healthcare professional most qualified to take care of their needs.

Video Surveillance:

This feature consists of using high definition IP cameras to closely monitor multiple patients at one time. This reduces costs by eliminating the need for one-on-one observation staff and easily integrates into your current IT infrastructure.


Doctors and medical professionals can expand their reach beyond their physical borders and assess patient symptoms, make diagnoses and order treatment using video or mobile devices.


Networked cameras and alarms allow for rapid response time when handling on-site incidents, while cyber security keeps essential IT systems and sensitive documents safe from intrusion.

Managed Services:

This ensures your network and infrastructure stays optimized so your staff can provide the most efficient and effective care possible. We’re available 24/7 to quickly detect, diagnose and resolve any technical issues that emerge.

Regulatory Compliance Services:

To remain compliant in response to frequently changing HIPAA rules and regulations, you can help your healthcare institution develop and implement a strategy.

Business Process Consulting Services:

S & C offers guidance on the best ways to align your IT infrastructure to accelerate business growth and success.


Our skills and services are broad and comprehensive—covering every aspect of computing, storage, networking, voice and more. Those technologies include:

Comprehensive computing resources: This feature spans from your laptops, to our data centers and to the Cloud.

Applications that run on those resources: We integrate front office, practice management, back office and patient portals into a single unified network.

Communications systems: We keep you in touch with both patients and the data about them through voice, email, online and social systems.


Our experts will explore your existing processes, your future goals, and the systems and applications you use to complete them. After assessment, we’ll recommend a mix of your existing systems that can still work for you and new systems and services that will carry you into the future. We explain it and establish the metrics by which you’ll measure results.

The installation, implementation and test phase is structured to be as non-disruptive as possible—working in non-office hours and never leaving you with a down system. Before we go live, we’ll train your staff to use the applications we’ve installed and we’ll offer 24/7 support. We’ll take full responsibility for monitoring, managing and updating every aspect of the system we implement for you.