S & C specializes in end-to-end technology solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our broad portfolio of tools and services enhance your automation, collaboration, mobility, security and business intelligence abilities to stimulate new levels of growth, efficiency and productivity while reducing risks and production expenses.

Capabilities for the healthcare industry include the following:

Internet of Things:

We connect a wide variety of machinery and other important tools to your IT infrastructure, where they can be efficiently operated, monitored and maintained.


This feature places essential network elements and systems into a highly scalable virtual environment, resulting in easier access and sharing across locations without the high costs and labor associated with the purchase and maintenance of physical equipment.

Converged Infrastructure:

S & C creates an agile, highly automated solution that delivers speed, uptime, security and reliability by uniting plant floor and high level business IT systems into a single network.


Networked cameras and alarms allow for rapid response times when handling on-site incidents, while cyber security keeps essential IT systems and sensitive data safe from intrusion. We protect your manufacturing plant from any physical and virtual threats that might emerge.

Managed Services:

S and C’s network operations and customer service centers are available 24/7 to immediately address and resolve any issues that emerge to minimize their impact