Cloud & Hosting

S & C understands the current demand of cloud-based services for businesses, so we built a full-service cloud and hosting infrastructure for your needs. Our cloud and hosting services include:

Enterprise Cloud:

Unlike other large public clouds, our reliable third-party cloud infrastructure increases the flexibility, global scalability and stability of your business.

Private Cloud:

After carefully analyzing your needs, we will design, build, test and set up a unique private cloud to fit the business. We offer a self-management option, or the option to have our S & C team of experts manage your private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud:

Combining the advantages of public and private cloud, the hybrid cloud screens out many of the disadvantages that can occur and offers an efficient solution.

Replication & Disaster Recovery:

S & C’s cloud experts help install, implement and assist with your data replicate, backup and recovery.


S & C has SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type II data centers providing you with high performance and cost-efficient data center space.

Managed Services:

We understand that managing cloud infrastructure is time-consuming and exhausting, so our experts can help you monitor systems in a colocation space, data center or server room to assist in operations.