S & C offers quality communications solutions that brings together impeccable design and collaboration. We have the technological capabilities to create:

Unified Communications:

S & C combines data, voice, mobile applications and video to offer the best tech solutions in Communication.


The need for video and mobile integration is clear when it comes to collaboration involving meetings and projects. Our video conferencing and other next-generation tools give offers the resources needed to stay connected and innovative.

Hosted Voice:

This feature provides a cost-effective alternative to communication, without the addition of maintenance fees and hands-on support. You will also have the ability to manage new features and users.

Call Center Systems:

With experts in Unified Communications and call center functionality, SCT offers a complete design, build, and deployment strategy to help your call center meet the needs of your clients now and into the future.


Our engineers specialize in scaling your workload and planning for budget and growth needs. We understand the importance of having enterprise-grade computer hardware to meet business needs.

Enterprise Rack and Tower Systems:

Rack and tower systems are a great solution for versatility, fast deployment and ease-of-access. S & C experts collaborate with your team to offer the best solution.

Blade Systems:

Blade servers solve the issues attached with maintenance for larger computing environments. This is especially true for data centers that are transitioning to being software-defined.

Hyperscale Systems:

We will assist you with getting the best TCO (total cost of ownership) for your budget. This means helping you design, size and deploy the right systems that fit your business needs. Our hyperscale computing allows systems to work at optimal rates.

Converged/Hyper-converged Systems:

Provisioning workloads and finding simple access to the cloud can become difficult. S & C can design and implement a HP converged or hyper-converged solution that is specialized for your workload needs. This system enables streamlined productivity as well as greater agility.

Workstation and Print Equipment:

S & C makes sure that your office runs efficiently and securely. In addition to providing IT hardware, we supply you with office equipment such as tablets, laptops, PCs and printers.


Having a proactive disaster recovery (DR) plan is essential for every business. Human error and hardware malfunction are the leading causes of disaster scenarios. S & C helps you navigate which recovery plans suits your business needs best – warm, cold, hot or a hybrid site strategy.

High Availability:

We create solutions that fit your needs. S & C ensures that your systems are built with redundancy, prevent downtime and remain highly available for you.

Backup and Recovery:

We make sure you have protection and the ability to restore business if a disaster occurs. S & C helps you with the installation, design and implementation of the proper solutions, such as BUaaS and DRaaS solutions, to keep your systems secure.


We have the capabilities needed for replicating to an offsite data center, whether it’s for a full system or a specific storage platform.


S & C knows the significance of connectivity in today’s business environment. The need to connect with employees, clients and vendors is essential. We give you the resources to keep your network online and fully optimal.


Productivity can decrease significantly without an effective Local Area Network. Our experts will ensure your business has the best LAN by selecting optimal hardware, software and design.


When you have a geographically distributed company structure, low-latency and speed are key. S & C can help you design and implement your WAN to meet your business needs.


Reliable and fast wireless access is a necessity for any business’ operations. You can partner with S & C and create your company’s wireless strategy to serve your end users’ needs.

Data Center:

Flexibility, scalability, and speed are the keys when it comes to networking your data center. S & C’s solutions ensure these goals are met.


We take the necessary steps to safeguard your brand and protect you from cybercriminals. S & C’s partnership with industry-leading security solution manufacturers allows us to create a custom protection plan that suits your needs.

Network Perimeter:

With mobility, your network perimeter has evolved beyond the physical limits of your campus. S & C recommends a multi-layered approach to protect outside your network perimeter and inside your organization.

EndPoint Protection:

There are many devices that can now access resources on your network. S & C helps you control and manage threats facing your network by setting up a BYOD policy. You can protect yourself with a combination of security hygiene that disrupts incidents and security intelligence that spots significant risks.

Monitoring and Management:

We do continuous monitoring to prevent large-scale data breaches. We help you identify a pattern of malicious behavior and take swift, proactive steps to mitigate the risk. S & C also provides the proper IT infrastructure to store and retrieve data efficiently.

Intrusion Detection:

S & C can implement solutions and evaluate your security needs to take your business to the next level. Detecting and preventing malicious attacks from outside your network can be the difference between success and irreparable damage to business reputation.

Content Filtering:

Proper internet content filtering for your internal users and workstations can result in reduced security risk and increased productivity. Contact a S & C expert to discuss solutions that best fit your business needs.


Our next-generation security solutions covers some of the most sensitive areas for a safe and productive working environment. This includes our integrated systems featuring access control, CCTV, biometrics, intrusion detection and more.


Every data-driven organization knows the necessity of proper storage. Fast, reliable access to data supports analytics efforts across your organization. S & C engineers can work with you to develop a long-term strategy to meet your storage needs.

Network Attached Storage (NAS):

When you have multiple users and systems that need to share data, Network Attached Storage (NAS) may be the right solution for you. S & C will help you determine the right type and size storage solution for you.

Storage Area Network (SAN):

S & C can help you review your storage requirements to help determine the right SAN solution for your company’s demanding storage needs. For companies whose storage has grown too large and have volumes of interconnected storage devices, this solution makes these capabilities available to a wide range of users and systems. A Storage Area Network (SAN) solution can help you connect your data and your users to the information they need.

Flash Storage:

The experts at S & C can assist you meeting your long-term business objectives with the perfect-fit storage solution, whether you’re evaluating your need for a flash storage solution or evaluating options for additional flash capacity. Flash storage may be a fit for businesses with highly transactional, performance-oriented business applications requiring high IOPS, low latency, and high capacity.

Big Data:

If your company is considering a big data initiative and will have large storage demands, S & C can help you size your solution to fit your needs.



From determining which application environments are ideally suited, to ensuring that virtualized environments aren’t overprovisioned, S & C can help you take the next steps in your IT path.

High Availability:

A virtualized environment can help your business meet your goals for highly-available systems. S & C helps your business thrive and grow by designing and deploying a virtualized environment.

Server Consolidation:

S & C can help you determine the appropriate sizing for your virtualized application environments. A virtualization project is a chance for an organization to evaluate opportunities for server consolidation, which prevents or corrects for server sprawl.

Virtual Applications:

It’s essential to know which applications are available and optimized for a virtual infrastructure. We provide a complete review of your current systems to help determine opportunities to virtualize your critical business applications.

Virtual Desktop:

A virtual desktop ensures that as little as possible of your business data leaves your network. It also improves performance and availability while requiring less internal desktop IT resources. Contact our S & C experts to discuss virtual desktop options for your business.