Professional Services


S & C serves our clients in numerous ways, from automating repetitive tasks and improving overall business operations to providing new system trainings and protection from data loss. We have an expert team and a full suite of solutions to overcome any challenge your business may face.

Our Professional Services include:


We will collaborate with you to locate the right mix of applications and services. We help you reach business goals through an IT environment assessment, then work with you to develop a roadmap for planned enhancements.

Solution Design:

S & C develops the best approach to maximize your existing and future investments in technology. We do this by analyzing and understanding your business, processes, and workflow. The end result is to assist you in utilizing technology to increase productivity, reduce expenses, enhance revenue and improve client service.


Before starting a project, it is best to conduct assessments to fully understand any risks involved. S & C recommends budgeting for both predictive pre-assessments and active post-assessments as part of implementation deliverables.

Help Desk:

Our Support Center lets you focus on your core business with basic desktop application and operating system support to network administration and dispatch services. Also, our Help Desk service provides IT as a service to manage ongoing support issues.

Select Service:

S & C has you covered with regularly scheduled engineering hours. From maintenance and testing to upgrades and small projects, we offer a flexible IT staffing solution.

Project-Based Professional Services:

Our engineers specialize in a wide range of technologies and can assist with technology rollouts, installations, upgrade, and migrations. We are happy to help when your IT staff needs extra assistance for a special project.

Technology planning

Our mission is to build and maintain better, strong & long-term client relationships through our IT outsourcing services. S & C is a provider of diverse technology solutions and services to enterprises & technology companies across the globe. For over two decades, we have guided our clients through designing and implementing the right solution, transforming their complex processes and vast amounts of data into strategic information to help make them smarter, faster and better decisions.

Business Intelligence – S & C provides full lifecycle services from strategy to operations. We support all leading Business Intelligence software platforms with vendor certified talent pools. Due to multiple legacy reporting systems, complex spreadsheets or a failure to properly implement new reporting tools; many organizations fail to meet objectives timely and accurately. S & C helps you be competitive by converting information to intelligence for better business decisions and responding to insights quickly.

Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Consulting Services

  • Study of existing Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Technology / tools evaluation and recommendation
  • Roadmap for re-architecture/ re-engineering services
  • Data Warehousing Services
  • Database management and performance tuning
  • Data modeling; data extraction, transformation and loading
  • Data Merging, Migration and implementation
  • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) and DTS (Data Transformation Services)
  • ETL architecture and development
  • Development, Testing and Deployment

Operational Transformation

The initial months of a new outsourcing agreement are critical to the relationship’s long-term success and value. Many challenges can arise when services transition to the new service provider. To avoid issues, S & C helps you assess alternatives, identify potential issues and prepare for the unexpected.

S & C’s offerings result in significant transformation of our clients’ workforce and processes. Our change management plans establish effective governance, drive greater operational efficiency and build stakeholder support. We ensure that you reach your desired business outcomes.

You need a strong rationale and an informed change strategy that evaluates all risks and opportunities, when considering alternative service delivery models. These are critical steps that help a company address gaps and discern the most effective ways to improve. This often requires qualitative evaluations of client or provider maturity in areas such as governance, sourcing, processes, cloud and more.

Cost, quality and productivity and benchmarking services from S&C leverage proven methodology and industry-leading data to quantify performance gaps, identify root causes for service and cost gaps and define actionable improvement opportunities. We prioritize helping clients assess the risks and benefits of alternative scenarios and chart the optimal path forward.

A notable quality of a successful business is the ability to adapt to industry changes. S & C helps organizations assess their overall health, so that required improvements can be articulated, evaluated and subsequently tracked and measured for progress.